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Booi's Fly-in Lodge and Outposts
Want to fish for titanic trophy pike, fat juicy walleyes, and trout like the territories minus the bugs? Bet high- your odds will increase when you fish with the Booi's. Click to our site above. You'll relax- Your modern fly-in mosquito free waterside cottage with fireplace and your 2 story deck with startling northern light views- will set the mood. You'll fish better then the rest- complimentary guided fishing days complete with shore lunch are included in every trip. You'll get to know the lake faster than a northern pike can strike. Big roomy 18'ers for every 2 of you with floors and casting decks, powered by fast whisper quiet 4 stroke 25 H.P. motors make fishing days a breeze. You'll cook superior in your modern kitchen, containing a microwave and dishwasher---OR have a meal or two- Or all in the lodge. Be flexible. Simply decide when you're on Booi's Island. Set your mind at rest- The Booi's and your attendants will tend to your whims. Island living is easy and stress free. Booi's- a fish-filled amazing fly-in fishing vacation priced in Canadian Funds; accepting Visa and Master Card. Go ahead, book with the Booi's. It's a trip-of-a-lifetime- one, like 87% of our guests- repeat. We are 3rd Generation Tourist Outfitters- 5th Generation Canadians You are invited to experience the Booi Way of Life.............. call Jim and Tracy toll free now. 1 888 879 BOOI(2664)


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Walleye Fishing, Northern Pike Fishing, Lake Trout Fishing, Joyce Lake Outpost

Phone: 888.879.2664


Island on Trout Lake
P.O. Box 301
Red Lake, ON
Canada-P0V 2M0