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This is Ontario's final frontier, the James Bay Frontier

This is where the Hudson Bay Company began. The island community of Moose Factory is the oldest settled town in Ontario yet it remains today a land living in near isolation.

The James Bay Frontier... one word: fishing. From pan-size to trophy-sized, walleye, pike, bass, and perch are numerous in these waters. Anglers are not limited to fishing the main waterways. Many remote lakes and rivers are also accessible giving the angler the option of fishing many fabulous locations.

Take a deep breath of fresh northern air, and get ready to experience one of Northern Ontario's finest fishing and hunting destinations.
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James Bay Frontier

Cobalt - New Liskeard - Kirkland


Gogama - Elk Lake - Shiningtree


Timmins - Cochrane - Kap

Timmins - Cochrane - Kapuskasing Lodges Gogama - Elk Lake - Shiningtree Lodges Cobalt - New Liskeard - Kirkland Lake Lodges

James Bay Frontier Attractions

The Polar Bear Express - A journey to the edge of the Arctic. This unique experience will take you from the Northern Ontario town of Cochrane to two of North America's last real frontier communities, Moosonee and Moose Factory. - Cochrane
Timmins Underground Gold Mine Tour - It is a truly unique adventure as you travel underground to see how gold is extracted from the earth. Authentic mining demonstrations, a display of moch explosives, a mine rescue station, and the biggest gold nugget you may ever see. - Timmins

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